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Promotional products are an essential cost-effective way to drive customers to your business. Promotional items are a valuable tool in generating brand awareness. Did you know that over 50 % of adults use at least one promotional item regularly?  Let that item be yours!

Distributing promotional items with your logo brings instant brand recognition and is a powerful marketing tool that allows your brand to connect with your customers. As one of the facets in advertising, promotional products allow your customers to interact with a tangible product that can create a more memorable, recognizable brand. Promotional items must be useful items that the recipient can keep on hand for months as opposed to "one hit wonders" that are immediately disposed of. There are promotional items for every budget and having a variety on hand is an effective way to provide your customers something new at each encounter. Remember, promotional products are not just for your clients. They are for everyone! GIVE THEM OUT! They will do your company no service via leaving them in your office or closet. Get your message out here today.

Promotional items could be something as simple as a pen or perhaps a logo on a hoodie or as upscale and luxurious as a crystal wine decanter. They should be used at events, seminars, meetings and nowadays for virtual event giveaways, work from home products, return to the office products and full custom gifts. Some of the most popular promotional items are hand sanitizers, coffee mugs, water bottles, teddy bears, t- shirts, face masks and power banks.

As a vital marketing tool promotional products are low cost branded products that enable more people to gain awareness of your specific brand. Customers feel values if they believe that the gift creates a personal connection. Sending a useful gift will impact your customers positively and it will increase the feeling of connection and positivity thus bringing you more business.Social media influencers love to receive free branded items. What's great is it's of little cost to you and once they use your product in their post and put up a picture, thousands of followers will see your branded product. People cannot touch certain types of advertising however, they can hold something tangible in their hand- your promotional item. It makes your company more memorable each time your customers see and use your promotional item. A little extra something given to your customer such as a tote bag, travel coffee mug or hand sanitizer with your company logo and business contact information will make it easy to find and recall from memory. Having brand ambassadors at your workplace is a great way to build employee motivation and teamwork. Why not create incentives for your employees with giveaways and standard office stationery.  By doing this you will extend your reach not only to your staff but to their friends and family creating a personal brand referral.Lastly, I cannot reiterate the fact that choosing cheap promotional items is fine for a quick win at a trade show however, a meaningful high quality promotional item will add an air of luxury to your brand.


When designing a promotional item there are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Stick to your brand colors
  • Pick useful products
  • Include the bare minimum

Printed materials ultimately help to create a consistent image so that a customer will remember your brand across various platforms and media. It will also showcase the look and feel of your business. Marketing materials include any and all items needed for you to effectively communicate your business to your customers. In print marketing some of the most important materials you should utilize are business cards, brochures, greeting and thank you cards, postcards, targeted mailing materials ,company stationery, catalogs and more. Did you know that via utilizing print materials with your company brand you stand out from the crowd? Isn't it better to stand out than blend in? Printed materials provide a tangible reminder of your brand and solidifies your brand in the marketplace. Some customers did not prefer digital media and they actually enjoy receiving a printed brochure or postage by snail mail. When we create your custom designed artwork and content, we take everything in account to ensure that your business is highlighted and most of all clear and concise. Raising awareness where customers  feel your brand and building trust is one of the main reasons to create custom printed marketing materials. Design, color scheme, content and format are just a few areas that will be discussed when creating your custom printed materials. Using these printed materials are a versatile and vital channel in your marketing strategy for your business. Let's boost that brand awareness together and develop your business reputation for quality and great service.

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