Media Buys

Media buys and planning is a process of strategically selecting mixed media platforms to achieve advertising goals. Within this process there are integral aspects of the buying process that Christine Fiorenza Advertising & Marketing will handle for your firm.

Investigation- Keeping up on media trends is of the utmost importance. When creating a campaign and an advertising budget distinguishing when and where your ad/ ads should be placed is a key factor in this process. Finding the appropriate venues for your campaign is not an easy task and should be considered when hiring an agency. It is best to work with an agency that has a network of vendors in the industry.

Placement- Placing your message in the most appropriate venue is something that is researched and developed over time.


Bus Advertisements move throughout key residential and commercial areas delivering your messages daily. The continuity of seeing these bus ads creates brand familiarity. These moving billboards come in various sizes and formats from back panel to side panel to fully wrapped buses seen by vehicles and pedestrians from multiple directions simultaneously.

Bus Shelters are placed strategically along highly trafficked areas. The shelters provide excellent exposure with an eye level visibility to all in major traffic locations.

Billboards whether static or digital are typically found in high traffic areas. Billboards are aimed at drivers and pedestrians which is ideal for brand building. Messages on digital billboards should be no longer than 10 seconds and static billboards should have 7 words or less. Your billboard will need to catch the attention of passers by and leave a lasting impression.

Targeted Mailings and Custom Mailing List Purchases are a very important part of a campaign. The lists that are purchased are highly specific and customized to each client's needs and wants. If you prefer to send out your own mailing or prefer us to do it all for you stress- free , that's what we are here for. Each year we create and distribute calendars for real estate agents, birthday and thank you cards monthly for business professionals.

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